Monday, 27 February 2012

Microwave Coffee Cup Scramble

In a rush but need a low carb breaky recipe that takes no time to prepare? Then this one is for you!

I love this recipe for its simplicity and time saving features but most of all for its near zero carb count.

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein. I eat 2 eggs a day usually in the form of 1 whole egg and 1 egg white. So many ways to prepare them: scrambled, boiled, poached...but in the microwave? and better yet, in a coffee mug? Yes, it can be done and it tastes great too!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Crustless Pumpkin Pies

These little individual pumpkin pies ROCK! They are sweet, spiced to perfection and are such an incredible treat for people who tend to shy away from sugary desserts. Is there sugar in them? Yes, COCONUT SUGAR.

If you haven't tried coconut sugar then you need to get on that! It is a phenomenal, natural low glycemic-index sweetener that can be used at 1:1 ratio replacement with regular sugar. Now it isn't super low in carbs at around 5g per 1 tsp. but it is still a nice sugar alternative.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh my aching gums !

I started off last Friday with a trip to the dental office.  Supposedly it was for a simple filling and some gum restoration work.  I love how they use the word "restoration" rather than slicing and dicing!  I left with a filling and several nasty stitches plus 3 different bottles of pain meds.

Fast forward to Saturday where I began the process of looking like a chipmunk.  Sunday was worse that Saturday and today things are slowly, and I mean slowly, starting to get better.

No exercise for the next week and only soft foods.  I have been having smoothies upon smoothies, scrambled eggs, greek yogurt - I even drank a bowl of cream of wheat through a straw.  I will admit, I indulged in some cottage pie my man made for me as I rested on the couch with my new best friend - the ice pack.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Surprise: There is NOTHING wrong with you!

The past 2 wks I have been running on adrenalin.  My schedule has been out of whack but each day I am striving to get back into my rhythm.  I managed to step back into the flow and reclaim my mojo yesterday.

Thought I didn't manage to squeeze in all my rebounding yesterday as planned and succumbed to a piece of toast, I did have a good sleep and woke up today feeling energized.  Considering sleep and energy has been fleeting of late this is wonderful news!

What did I do differently yesterday?  I really tried to focus on mindfulness regarding simple tasks. Taking the time to truly engage versus rushing through my to-do list with my mind elsewhere did in fact pay off. I think that may be reason #1 why I slept so well.

I was also inspired by an article in a past issue of Oprah's magazine which I stumbled upon in an attempt to clean up my office. In a What I Know for Sure article, Oprah talks about Sheri Salata. Sheri is/was Oprah's producer and truly a fascinating character. She is also a regular blog contributor on the O website. What resonated with me was the topic of grief...a topic I am all too familiar with but can happily say no longer weighs me down. Sheri's brother, John, passed away shortly before the article was written at the young age of 42.  The article highlighted how Sheri handled his death and it caused me to rethink my yesterdays, my todays and my tomorrows.   I quote:  " I know the reason Sheri was able to give so much in the midst of her own sorrow was that she'd been working seriously on giving love to herself. We can see through the eyes of love only when there's love in our eyes. And to be able to see that way while yet we live is the biggest gift of all."

Today, tomorrow, and always - LOVE YOURSELF.  Don't berate yourself, don't speak harshly to yourself and criticize your downfalls.  As corny as this may sound it is still true:  You are PERFECT exactly as you are.  If you are following this blog because you don't like your body then take some time today to love your body.  Look at eating, exercise and self-care not as a way to change bad into good but rather as a way to honor your body, to give it what it needs to thrive.