Monday, 12 August 2013

Oh my aching back !!! Is this detox ?!!

Well I thought things were moving along pretty well but then a day or two ago I started to experience body pain again, this time a lot of back and hip pain. I actually think this is a result of detoxing off wheat, corn, sugar , caffeine and dairy!

I keep drinking tons of water to flush out toxins - I am managing but it isn't fun.  Makes doing much of anything physical a challenge.  Keep telling myself "this too shall pass".  I tried to get in for a massage but my masseuse was all booked up. Phase 3 of this plan asks that one day a week you get a massage if possible. Sounds good to me and boy, I think I need it !!

On a positive front, I have zero brain fog and my ability to get up in the morning is not hampered by fatigue. I wake up, get up and get the day going without too much hassle.  It is hard to describe the changes to you but I refer to it as losing about 50 pounds of lethargy and brain cobwebs.  I feel mentally and emotionally lighter.  What I realize as a result is that I really was suffering with a lot of attention difficulties, mental heaviness, etc. I had just grown to tolerate it and to not have that right now feels amazing!

Now here is an interesting event to share - since being on this plan for several days I have not had any bloating or bowel issues which for me is miraculous. Even eating all these grains hasn't causes a buddha belly.  BUT I went out to dinner Saturday night - I ordered a steak and a side of sauteed veggies. They were amazing and everything tasted great. About 1/2 way through my meal I just started to bloat like crazy (oh IBS) and the gut was gurgling. By the end of the meal I felt rotten, came home and went to bed. When I woke up I was feeling so-so and as the day progressed my tummy issues eventually went away.  So what was in that meal is beyond me but I sure didn't react well to it. Even making the right choices at a restaurant doesn't guarantee tummy success.

In terms of the phases of this plan, I found Phase 2 challenging.  It is a low carb 2 day phase and it consists of eating protein and veggies - that's it.  But it is what it is. The other phases are great, I really enjoyed the last 3 days where I added fat back into the diet.  I had cashew butter for the first time in my life as a change-up to allmond butter and wow, soooooo good. Tastes like it is sweetened with honey. Puts peanut butter to shame !

Tomorrow I am out of town and will have to deal with restaurant mayhem again. Thankfully it will be day 2 on Phase 1 and that is all about carbs and fruit.  I should be ok finding suitable meals and I will pack a few pieces of fruit for snacks.  Regardless, I am sure it will be a challenge.

Off to do a bit of cardio now and then get cracking - I mean, hey, it's Monday right ?!


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    1. I keep forgetting about massage!


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