Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Some changes in the works !

Just some updates to share.  I have increased my cardio to incorporate 1/2 hr of rebounding each and every day.  Still sticking with clean-eating and keeping my starchy carbs at a minimum though I do enjoy 1/2 cup of brown rice every now and then.  I am faithfully on gluten-free.  I slipped up recently and wowza, the stomach pain and bloat was unbearable.  I have to say, the pain is a welcome reminder that gluten doesn't jive with me at all. Listen to your body everyone because it is talking to you all the time!

I have come to learn that Yams/Sweet Potatoes  are simply not my thing. I like them in moderation but that is pretty much about it.  Moving on now to experiment with brussel sprout recipes.  I hear roasting them is ideal so going to give that a try.

I have also decided to ramp up my routine because I am not seeing much progress in terms of pounds lost.  The inches are still coming off, the dreaded cellulite is gradually disappearing but the lbs are NOT, and I repeat, NOT moving.  I don't get it. Yeah, I know - muscle weighs more than fat but I should be seeing a far greater change on the scale and that is not happening.  Whenever things plateau like this it is a sign that a change is needed.

So I am hoping that increasing my rebounding plus drinking more water will help wash out any bloat which appears to be my archnemesis.  Plus I am starting to take some weight loss supplements and adjust my food plan again - sticking with clean eating but making some more changes to a couple of key meals per day.  Now let me be pretty clear  -  I am not a supplement gal at all but I think it is time for an extra push.  I think that as long as one is exercising and eating well the right supplements can work wonders.  But anyone who thinks they can veg out on the couch, eat garbage and count on supplements to reduce their weight is dreaming. 

I won't share with you all yet what I am taking or how I am changing up my diet plan until I can verify first that these changes do work.  Once I see some proof that things are once again moving in the right direction I will let you know.

Wishing you all health, wealth and of course, HAPPINESS!

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  1. This is so exciting! Though you didn't expose all the progress that you've had, I'm quite certain you're enjoying the fruits of your weight loss sacrifices. How are you now, Linda? I guess a year is already enough for you to reveal the final results of your journey. :)

    Ciara Owings @