Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My 4th week in low-carb mode !

Its been a few day since my last post mostly because I have nothing that new to report.  All is moving along incredibly well and surprisingly simple. I am now mid-week into my 4th week of low carbing. I have not added many changes to my diet other than almond flour (recipe below). I have yet to add back any fruit (when I do it will be low GI berries) nor have I added nuts outside of the flour and a tablespoon of peanut butter once  day.  I have kept my cheese portions low too.  Maybe 1-2oz a day at most.  I usually eat 2 eggs a day be it boiled, fried, scrambled or one that is part of the one minute muffin recipe.  I LOVE, and I mean LOVE, the low-carb chocolate peanut butter smoothie. I usually have one a day either as a snack or as a meal.  I am also now ready to test out a pumpkin spice smoothie too (stay tuned for the recipe is all goes well)  but have to pick up some vanilla protein powder first.

Initially I thought it would be very challenging to eat with family and watch then enjoying mashed potatoes, rice, bread.  But the truth is, it is not hard at all. I have absolutely no desire to eat any of those things.  Instead I will have a large side-salad instead of a high-starch carb.  I top it with bacon bits, cheese, avocado, diced tomato... and of course, a lovely creamy dressing.  I love Ranch but Caesar is amazing too.   I will then have a protein (red or white meat. I don't eat fish because I simply don't like the taste) and then a low-carb steamed veggie (broccoli, green beans, asparagus).

If I am hungry in the evening I either enjoy a chocolate cake (see recipe below) or pepperoni and cheese (a little antipasto plate I have come to love!).  Sometimes I just relax with a warm and heaven-sent Pumpkin Spice Latte.  But what amazes me most is that I am simply not that hungry at all.  Protein really keeps me energized and full.  I don't find myself constantly in the kitchen rooting for food the way I did in the past.  I also don't have a mind consumed with food - what to eat, what calories are in what, what to have for breaky, lunch, dinner.  I just eat when I am hungry and ensure I have the proper ingredients on hand to have what I feel like eating at that time.  My pantry, freezer and refrigerator are well-stocked now for this low-carb lifestyle.  I am not close to being bored with my selections because I switch things around a lot with ingredients. It makes the world of difference

Have I been to Starbucks (my old haunt that I would visit nearly every 2nd day and partake in some kind of sweet coffee concoction) ?  Yup, once to get some ground beans and hubby had a cafe mocha. Did I indulge? did I even try to have a sip? Nope, had no urge to do so and walked out of there without a second glance.

I have no weight loss to report this week yet because I have yet to get on the scale in the AM. But have no fear, those details will be uploaded soon.

Before I forget, one other big update:  4 weeks - NO MIGRAINE !

What areas need more focus?  Drinking water.  Not coffee, not tea but WATER!  So for this wk my goal is to down at least 6 glasses per day.

Baking has been moving along well too.  I have managed to continue to bake sweets and upload some new recipes to Lemon Drop without any need to indulge.  I love my taste-testing family :)

I have also developed a new love for the 1 minute muffin after many tweaks to the original recipe.  I have taken it and turned it into what could easily pass for carb-laden chocolate cake !  I will upload a pic the next time I make one. But for now, here's the recipe

So for a superb sweet treat try this:



1/4 cup almond flour
1/2 teaspoon instant espresso powder
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon dark chocolate cocoa powder
dash of ground cinnamon
2 packets of your preferred sweetener (I use splenda)
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted
1 egg
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 


IN SMALL BOWL, use a fork to combine first 5 ingredients
IN SEPARATE SMALL BOWL, whisk together butter, egg and vanilla
COMBINE all ingredients and stir with fork until thoroughly blended
SPRAY a small ramekin with cooking spray and spoon batter into ramekin
MICROWAVE on high for 1 minute

REMOVE from ramekin.
SERVE as-is or with some low-carb sweetened whipped cream.



Exercise : 
  • Thurs, Sept 15/11:  20 minutes rebounding, weighted upper and lower body workout
  • Friday, Sept 16/11:  30 minute interval kick-boxing session
  • Saturday, Sept 17/11: 20 minutes rebounding, weighted upper and lower body workout
  • Sunday, Sept 18/11:  1 hour trail walk
  • Monday, Sept 19/11: 20 minutes rebounding, weighted upper and lower body workout
  • Tuesday, Sept  20/11:  DAY OFF

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