Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Checking In !

Well it has been a few days since my last post.  I was down and out for a bit with this blog for a few reasons.  My arthritis hit last week and it was nasty.  So much for trying to plant some flowers in the garden.  Then , when it started to flare in my right hand, I went ahead and did my weight routine after all.  Holding dumbbells with an arthritic hand is unwise.  Overnight it flared up and moved to the other hand and even into my right foot.  With that came exhaustion.  Lastly, a terrible tummy  because the meds I have to take wreak havoc on my intestinal lining.   Oh what fun.

All that said though,  I didn't waiver from my eating plan.... even when I got on the scale and it had jumped 7 pounds, yes SEVEN pounds.   Usually a weigh-in like that would result in me saying screw it (or usually harsher language) and going for the buttered bagel.  But for some odd reason, it never even occurred to me to do so.  I just reasoned the whole thing away:  With arthritis comes inflammation. With inflammation comes massive, at least for me, water retention.  Most of the water weight is gone now anyway so it is neither here nor there at this point.

During my flare, I still managed to get some more baking done on Lemon Drop because for me it is therapeutic, sore hands and all.  Plus I managed to snag some pretty good photos (my other passion) and the best part:  I didn't indulge. NOT EVEN ONCE.

I have had to take a break from the exercise though after exacerbating the entire situation more by trying to stick to my routine.  This week so far I have done NIL but this evening a walk is in order.  I already feel like a jelly donut. The firm muscles I was so proud of have loosened up a bit. But have no fear, my routine awaits and once I feel 100% better I will restart my regular routine. 

How is low carb going?  Very well indeed...with one small problem.  I tend to forget to eat.  I don't have much of an appetite anymore.  And I know not eating enough is NOT a good thing because the weight will hold on for dear life.  So what I have started to do is ensure I have a protein shake midday and another in the evening.  I love the chocolate peanut butter one and have at least one of those a day. Other times I omit the PB and add some pure coconut extract instead.  It reminds me so much of the Coconut Frapps at Starbucks.

Ah yes, and one more little thing.  I am zonked in the late afternoon.  I need a nap or I will fall asleep at the dinner table. This tells me it is time to up my carbs a bit more now, especially at lunch.  I have been keeping the carbs very low since I started the program so it is time I increase them a tad and pray the weight loss won't stall.

Vitamin-wise I have been very good taking my multi, an extra B Stress supplement, some Vit C, extra D, calcium,etc.  I also take Estrosense to help balance the nasty hormones and I have restarted using Natural Progesterone cream 14 days of the month.  But regardless, my hormones have simmered down a lot since removing the high starch foods from my diet.

I don't have any new recipes to share... yet.   There is one I am dying to try but I have run out of almond flour and need to get out the health store to pick up more.  So stay tuned because a fall themed muffin recipe is on the way.

Thanks for reading the blog and for supporting me during this lifestyle journey.  I am very, very, happy I have shifted my focus now and have chosen to live a low carb lifestyle. My body thanks me too !


  1. I love your blog! I have started to do the low carb diet..and I have people who live off it teach me how to eat! Someone suggested to me eat this when my body is not taking the weight it is
    1 oz macadamia nuts
    2 oz of cream cheese
    1 oz tuna or chicken with mayo
    2 eggs
    2oz sour cream with 2 tblspoons of ground meat
    2 oz of ground meat/bacon/sausage
    2.5 oz heavy whipping cream im coffee

    Any of these choices will count as one meal. You need to eat 5 times a day. I suggest you doing boiled eggs macadamia nuts and cheese durimg your work day.

    Do this for 5 days - then we will test you to see if you got to fat burning stage. If you did, then you can go back to phase . If you did not then we stay on this for another few days. Point of this is tbe highfat. This is from the atkins book. My aunt and mom both stalled on atkins. Did this and both started losing.

    :D I would also suggest you going to Wal-Mart to get Ketone Test strips. They are $6. Here is what the box looks like. You can find them in the Dietetic section at Wal-Mart. What these strips do is tell you if you body is burning fat..and if you are eating the right things on the Atkins diet. You want the stick to go Purple!! Thats when you know your body is in burning mode!

    Thanks for your cooking ideas and sharing your life!

  2. one last thing!!! To help me remember to eat every 2.5-3 hours..i set the alarm on my phone to go off. The night before I pack all my stuff to carry with me! :D You are doing awesome!

  3. thanks , Minders, for all the great info!